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Easy, Delicious Baked Rice Recipe

There was a time, not very distant, in which in the houses food never thrown. No matter what dish prepared, the leftovers then used. In some cases, they ate as they were and in others, they gave a new preparation. In this way, different recipes were born that still used today. 

What is now called harvest kitchen continues to be a great option not to waste the remains of any food. However, they have baked food so much in our cuisine so much that they no longer need any excuse to prepare them and enjoy them. So to prepare the baked rice recipe it is not necessary to wait until we have leftover cooked, we can do it at any time. 

The comments do not mean that it can not be perfect to enjoy this meal on holiday, with family or friends. Other than keeping in the brain that it is a dish with high energy intake, so it is also ideal to face the rest of a working day or to go out after eating for a walk, to burn the energy that gives us the recipe. Surely we’re looking forward to knowing how to make baked rice. We started already reviewing its ingredients.

Cooking ingredients Baked rice

 300 grams of rice

100 grams of cooked chickpeas

600 milliliter of cooked broth

Six pork ribs

Four slices of bacon

Four black onion puddings

One tomato

One potato

One head of garlic

Two cloves of garlic

Four tablespoons crushed tomato

Olive oil



How to prepare Baked rice

To start preparing this baked rice recipe, we have to wash, peel and cut the potato into thin slices.

In a large pan, add plenty of oil and fry the potatoes. We take out on a plate with absorbent paper and reserve.

Cook rice baked in Valencia

 Wash and cut the tomato into thin slices. We remove a good part of the oil, store it, and saute the tomato. When it is, we also take out a dish with absorbent paper and reserve.

We split the ribs into two pieces, we salt them and fry them in the same pan with the oil that we had saved. As they go brown, we take them out to a plate and reserve.

In the same pan fry the blood sausages, when they put in the same dish as the meat.

Baked rice recipe

We put to preheat the oven at 220 degrees for 10 minutes.

Cut the bacon into small strips and saute it in the pan with almost no oil. We reserve together with the rest of the meat.

In the pan saute with little oil the chickpeas, rice, saffron, and tomato sauce. Add salt and keep on fire for a couple of minutes.

When the time has passed, we pass the contents of the pan to a clay pot. We put the ribs, blood sausage and bacon on top — also the slices of tomato and potatoes. We throw over the cooked stock, and in the middle, we put the garlic head.

 We introduce the casserole in the oven and cook for 20 minutes.

When the time has passed, let the rice rest for a few minutes. We only have to enjoy this traditional dish.

We have opted to simplify the recipe by using cooked chickpeas, which can be boiled or left over from some other preparation. If they are from a bottle, it is good to wash them well before using them to remove the taste of the liquid in which they stored.

 But we can also cook the chickpeas to prepare this recipe. If we do it together with some vegetables, potatoes, and chorizo, we will also have a broth that can be used to make rice.

Rice is a dish that does not allow too well to prepared beforehand. What we can do is to advance some elaborations. For example, leave the potato cut and covered with water so that it does not rust, or fry the ribs, bacon and black pudding first.

Even if we do not have a lot of time, do not be tempted not to follow the steps of the recipe to prepare baked rice. Some people may be tempted to saute all the ingredients together, add broth and rice, and that’s it. But the effect will not be the similar, so it is worth investing the necessary time to do all the elaborations separately.